IST Investment Foundation relies on Brandic Corporate Design Solution by PrimeSoft

With the IST Investment Foundation, another SME with high quality standards relies on the efficiency, time savings and consistency of the corporate design solution Brandic, a product of the PrimeSoft Group.

Consistency as a quality feature

More consistency in the creation of PowerPoint presentations was the wish – and at the same time the demand – of the IST Investment Foundation, a non-profit organization for pension funds, which, founded in 1967, is also considered the oldest independent investment foundation in Switzerland. In January 2021, the NPO decided to use Brandic for PowerPoint and Excel to make it easier for employees to create consistent presentations.

“We base all our external and internal activities on high quality standards and strive for continuous improvement of our processes. Brandic is the optimal solution for the comprehensive implementation of our corporate design and provides us with significant support when creating presentations. Thanks to Brandic, we save a lot of time when working with PowerPoint and IST’s uniform external appearance is guaranteed,” confirms Henning Buller (Marketing Manager, IST Investment Foundation). 

Standardized presentations and tables thanks to the Brandic corporate design solution

With Brandic by PrimeSoft, there is now virtually no dilution of corporate designs. Employees automatically use the correct logo, colors, fonts and designs when creating PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, without having to pay special attention to these and other formattings. It reduces the time required to create correct Microsoft documents to a minimum. For the IST Investment Foundation, this results in an increase in efficiency and employees now have more time to attend to their core tasks.

The Brandic basic version with the additional module for image and slide galleries optimally covers the needs of the NPO. According to the customer’s requirements, all image galleries are stored outside the program on a shared drive. With the extensive image material, employees can quickly and easily add or adapt PowerPoint slides.

Uniform standards across locations

The IST Investment Foundation uses the PrimeSoft product Brandic at two locations in Switzerland. However, it is not only employees who benefit from the ease of use, but also third parties. This is due to the fact that IST manages Brandic via an external IT provider who, after a short introductory phase, is already able to administer, update and manage the system completely independently.

Thanks to Brandic, it is guaranteed that PowerPoint and Excel documents comply with uniform standards across all locations. The cooperation from the beginning to the completion of the project went smoothly and was managed by the PrimeSoft Group in a very competent and professional manner to IST’s complete satisfaction.